Be 20 something again. Go out and meet people, at the gym!

When the weekend rolls around, the habit of putting off that half motivated trip to the gym develops fast. I personally enjoy taking classes. No matter what you like, there is a class for yGroup-exercise-classes-in-dallas-texasour skill level and interest.

The first fitness class I took was an exhausting MMA workout. Might I add it was taught by a 5’2″boxing instructor. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear she was former military.

This class was great. JUMP! UP!- ONE TWO THRE. DOWN! ONE TWO THREE. With the palms of my hands flat against the wood of the basketball court, I found myself thinking that I was out of shape as my arms trembled with a controlled effort to hide my fatigue. Ryan, how could this be possible? You run and workout- it’s your job. “No, no way,” I thought.

I was not out a shape, I merely wasn’t accustomed to a constant high intensity workout. Each week our instructor would mix up the exercises and timing, giving us awesome results.

Ask friends if they’d join you. It’s an easy way to boost your comfort level in the class. If they are timid, be fun by telling them you are taking them regardless.



It’s Spring Time, Ryan could not be happier. Today I’m writing this post on my cellphone while I lie on the beach of Santa Rosa Florida.

A little chilly, but a gorgeous day. While on vacation it’s difficult to keep the pounds off.

Remember, walking for an hour or running will do you wonders. Stay healthy and enjoy Spring!


Abs Best Friend

Well friends, my posts have been sporadic lately. toImage Between preparations and coursework, I’ve been neglecting my poor blog. But don’t fear! I have not lost that blogger passion.

I want to leave you with a quick note about two ab machines that WILL give you such great results. Not every gym has these. I found these at my current University. The weird part is the nice gym I pay to go to does not have these. I utilize the best of both gyms I attend.
These are hard at first. Start by doing sets of 10 reps. Try to do 4 to 5 sets. I typically start my entire ab routine by using the
incline ab machine Next I use the angled crunch (Much harder)
3 sets: 40, 20, 20. 2 sets: 15, 15.


Building the foundation with Legs

I’ve been MIA for a while. Exams on top of exams lead me to a handful of all nighters these past two weeks. Today I wanted to signify the importance of working out the lower body.
Much like a house, your body can only handle a given weight without a proper foundation. Common sense will make clear that with stronger legs, your body will support muscle growth, which in turn will allow you to lift more weight. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy seeing some nicely toned legs?

My cousin came across the Superman Program from Muscle and Fitness Magazine. It’s a stellar workout. No muscle goes unchecked. Each muscle group is worked twice a week in four days time. We’ve gotten through week one and I’m feeling and seeing the results as we both progress through it.

Below I’ve listed some popular leg exercises, that you can easily reap benefit from.

As a beginners workout you can perform each of these at
3 sets; 12-15 reps

Leg Press
Leg Extension
Reverse Extension
Calf Raises

Ryan’s Growth & Performance Stack

With such an abundance of supplements to choose from, it can become difficult sorting out the good from the bad.  Here is my current stack, some of you may find these useful.

Supplements will not do the work for you. You have to eat the right foods and enough of them. Please read over the instructions of any supplement before taking them.


  • GNC Mass Gainer 10lbs: Sam’s Club   $39.99
  • ‘Optimum Nutrition 10lbs Whey Protein: $149.99 <<<this is usually on-sale at a cheaper price.
  • Animal Pak: 44 Packs                            $28.99
  • MusclePharm Assault                            $59.98
  • MusclePharm AMINO1                          $47.98
  • Glutamine:                                             $35.97
  • Tribulus: got a ton of free samples          FREE

Total: $362.90 actual total $290.00

TWO PART POST. 1) Indulge in this snack. 2) Blogging Award!


I am consumed by the the combination of Peanut-Butter and Hazelnut Nutella. This is NOT a low calorie snack. For those who need some fat in their diet and extra carbs, this is the perfect way to indulge. Needless to say, I cannot get enough of this. I like to toast the bread first, offering the PB and Nutella a chance to warmup. Following this, they get a gentle and passive consistency. Just warm enough and sweet enough to make an ardent pessimist smile, you’ll love every savory bite of this snack.




I was given this award by

Receiving feedback and questions from friends and bloggers alike has been humbling. One of my deeper passions has become the desire to better the lives of others. Doing this through my blog has helped me connect with people all across the globe, enabling me to walk with new worldly perspectives.

You are encouraged to do the following should you be mentioned:

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7 Random Things About Me:
1. I take way too many pictures of the sky.
2. Music is a passionate obsession of mine.
3. I take serious attention to detail with landscapes.
4. I want to learn to play the piano.
5. I don’t get headaches.
6. I love roller-coasters.
7. I love a woman that enjoys to cook.

This list consists of highly talented and intelligent people. Blessed with the gift of great writing ability, each one of them have taught me something of immeasurable value about life and myself. I greatly encourage for you to read through their blogs. <;<;<;Coolest Explorer

A Funny Note on Gym Etiquette

Life keeps us busy, I’ve neglected to post as much as I’d prefer this past week. I have written a short creative narrative that I believe most gym goers can relate to, or at least understand the frame of reference that I’m inferring. I hope you enjoy reading this, as I like to be humorously creative when telling stories.

Standing partially upright, legs spasmodically moving about with a curiosity to explore the room without your approval. Sweating profusely and giving a white knuckle grip to the side bars, you are inhaling and exhaling with an unending desire for more air. Finally, you have finished your sprint on the treadmill. Now you begin your reenactment of a newborn giraffe’s walk. This my friends, this is a moment in life that you have been granted to improve your gym etiquette and positively contribute to a growing society.

This defining moment is where you have two options. Option one, you can be a civilized and caring human-being by seeking the betterment of your fellow gym goers by cleaning the treadmill of your impressive display of perseverance that now lies about the treadmill. Option two, without any thought or care of others you can abandon your treadmill. I assure you, other gym members will glower down on your every move until you clean it up. By choosing option one you’ll make your gym a better experience for everyone.

More posts are on their way.