New Years and Getting Started.

CCP_7703-EditHello there! My name is Ryan. I’m an active college student and model with high ambitions. I love coffee a little too much, and I’m known to be an outgoing introvert. I enjoy reading classic literature, and I’m a movie buff. I have decided to start this blog after receiving many requests to explain my fitness regimen.

With the turn of each year, I have failed to make any New Year’s resolutions for myself. I have not made New Year’s resolutions a habit in my life for whatever reason. This blog is for those seeking to chase your fitness goals. Here, you will find that much needed motivation! Alas, where do we find motivation? How do we keep it? Consistency.

Consistency is critical for your gains and achievements in and out of the gym. Eating right, it’s that over used saying that every doctor, mom, gym rat, and health nut will say. The integrity of this statement is unquestionable. Knowing how foods affect your body is your next step to reaching those goals.

Throughout this blog I will be posting my nutritional diet [It’s what I eat on a daily basis 🙂 ]. I will be posting my workout routines, cardio workouts, and various tips you can use every day.

Here’s to you and a successful New Year,



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