Ryan’s Growth & Performance Stack

With such an abundance of supplements to choose from, it can become difficult sorting out the good from the bad.  Here is my current stack, some of you may find these useful.

Supplements will not do the work for you. You have to eat the right foods and enough of them. Please read over the instructions of any supplement before taking them.


  • GNC Mass Gainer 10lbs: Sam’s Club   $39.99
  • ‘Optimum Nutrition 10lbs Whey Protein: $149.99 <<<this is usually on-sale at a cheaper price.
  • Animal Pak: 44 Packs                            $28.99
  • MusclePharm Assault                            $59.98
  • MusclePharm AMINO1                          $47.98
  • Glutamine:                                             $35.97
  • Tribulus: got a ton of free samples          FREE

Total: $362.90 actual total $290.00


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