Be 20 something again. Go out and meet people, at the gym!

When the weekend rolls around, the habit of putting off that half motivated trip to the gym develops fast. I personally enjoy taking classes. No matter what you like, there is a class for yGroup-exercise-classes-in-dallas-texasour skill level and interest.

The first fitness class I took was an exhausting MMA workout. Might I add it was taught by a 5’2″boxing instructor. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear she was former military.

This class was great. JUMP! UP!- ONE TWO THRE. DOWN! ONE TWO THREE. With the palms of my hands flat against the wood of the basketball court, I found myself thinking that I was out of shape as my arms trembled with a controlled effort to hide my fatigue. Ryan, how could this be possible? You run and workout- it’s your job. “No, no way,” I thought.

I was not out a shape, I merely wasn’t accustomed to a constant high intensity workout. Each week our instructor would mix up the exercises and timing, giving us awesome results.

Ask friends if they’d join you. It’s an easy way to boost your comfort level in the class. If they are timid, be fun by telling them you are taking them regardless.