It’s Spring Time, Ryan could not be happier. Today I’m writing this post on my cellphone while I lie on the beach of Santa Rosa Florida.

A little chilly, but a gorgeous day. While on vacation it’s difficult to keep the pounds off.

Remember, walking for an hour or running will do you wonders. Stay healthy and enjoy Spring!



TWO PART POST. 1) Indulge in this snack. 2) Blogging Award!


I am consumed by the the combination of Peanut-Butter and Hazelnut Nutella. This is NOT a low calorie snack. For those who need some fat in their diet and extra carbs, this is the perfect way to indulge. Needless to say, I cannot get enough of this. I like to toast the bread first, offering the PB and Nutella a chance to warmup. Following this, they get a gentle and passive consistency. Just warm enough and sweet enough to make an ardent pessimist smile, you’ll love every savory bite of this snack.




I was given this award by

Receiving feedback and questions from friends and bloggers alike has been humbling. One of my deeper passions has become the desire to better the lives of others. Doing this through my blog has helped me connect with people all across the globe, enabling me to walk with new worldly perspectives.

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7 Random Things About Me:
1. I take way too many pictures of the sky.
2. Music is a passionate obsession of mine.
3. I take serious attention to detail with landscapes.
4. I want to learn to play the piano.
5. I don’t get headaches.
6. I love roller-coasters.
7. I love a woman that enjoys to cook.

This list consists of highly talented and intelligent people. Blessed with the gift of great writing ability, each one of them have taught me something of immeasurable value about life and myself. I greatly encourage for you to read through their blogs. <;<;<;Coolest Explorer

Sugar. It’s so sweet, it gets its own post.

Sugar. It makes any food item delectable. Coffee a little strong? Just add sugar.

It’s a yummy option, but do you know how sugar is processed in your body? Sugar works as an “anti-nutrient.” Bodybuilders pay attention, sugar will take those critical nutrients away from your muscles and keep your body from performing fat reduction. Keeping a good eye on your sugar intake will benefit you both now and long term.

Here’s why, with a grossly summarized explanation. When eating sugar, your body’s insulin levels spike. Insulin is one of the many critical components used to process and absorb energy from what you eat. Sugar, especially in high amounts, is known to cause rapid blood sugar spikes. In this event, your body has to produce enough insulin to take it in as energy. Through years of high sugar intake, this can cause the onset of diabetes.

There are two types of sugar. Glucose and Fructose. I must stress how important the difference is. Fructose is worse 10 times over. Fructose can only be processed and metabolized by the liver. This is a bad thing. A significantly higher number of calories are going through the liver, about three times higher than glucose. The result of this is the production of bad cholesterol and other unwanted acids.

When the body is taking in fructose, a trick is being played on your brain. Due to a leptin resistance(Leptin regulates your energy levels), your mind goes without knowing if you are full. Your brain gets no message that you’ve consumed much of anything, despite drinking a high calorie drink. This is a leading reason why you are left hungry after eating sugary cookies or drinking that sweet sugary drink.

As you transition into the New Year, better yourself and your health by keeping an eye on your sugar intake. Only in a perfect world we would lose weight and get rich by eating Chocolate.

Stay Healthy!