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Well friends, my posts have been sporadic lately. toImage Between preparations and coursework, I’ve been neglecting my poor blog. But don’t fear! I have not lost that blogger passion.

I want to leave you with a quick note about two ab machines that WILL give you such great results. Not every gym has these. I found these at my current University. The weird part is the nice gym I pay to go to does not have these. I utilize the best of both gyms I attend.
These are hard at first. Start by doing sets of 10 reps. Try to do 4 to 5 sets. I typically start my entire ab routine by using the
incline ab machine Next I use the angled crunch (Much harder)
3 sets: 40, 20, 20. 2 sets: 15, 15.



Building the foundation with Legs

I’ve been MIA for a while. Exams on top of exams lead me to a handful of all nighters these past two weeks. Today I wanted to signify the importance of working out the lower body.
Much like a house, your body can only handle a given weight without a proper foundation. Common sense will make clear that with stronger legs, your body will support muscle growth, which in turn will allow you to lift more weight. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy seeing some nicely toned legs?

My cousin came across the Superman Program from Muscle and Fitness Magazine. It’s a stellar workout. No muscle goes unchecked. Each muscle group is worked twice a week in four days time. We’ve gotten through week one and I’m feeling and seeing the results as we both progress through it.

Below I’ve listed some popular leg exercises, that you can easily reap benefit from.

As a beginners workout you can perform each of these at
3 sets; 12-15 reps

Leg Press
Leg Extension
Reverse Extension
Calf Raises

Abs. Ladies, they were made for you, not just for looking at.

Abs - FemaleI can’t think of a single woman who has told me they don’t want better abs. You are better off than you may think. However, to really help you polish off those sexy abs. Let’s take a look at what you are currently doing.

I was taught to be organized in my life. Well, why the heck are most people unorganized when it comes to the gym? NO ONE teaches you how to workout properly. It’s something you either pickup on your own, or you have the good fortune to learn from others.

Go into your workout with a plan. Have a journal with you. List each exercise, and how many reps you are going to do. The other option is listing the exercise and the weight you’d like to use. After the exercise is over, you can record how many reps you got in.

Obviously women and men have different builds. Confusion comes into play when deciding what to do for a workout. Although abs are great, I know many women who are worried they’ll get manly looking abs. Don’t fret over this ladies. Your body was built the way it is for a reason. You won’t look like a man! The main difference is how we acquire our abs.

My second post “All Abs. All Truth. All Gains. What you need to know and how to get them.” has a fantastic routine for sculpting Greek-Like abs. If this is not quite what you are ready for I recommend cutting the rep range in half at the start.

Here are some effective and fun exercises for bringing out those abs. I highly encourage a workout buddy. It’s a great way to make your workout faster and more enjoyable. Be sure you keep each other focused 🙂

  • Exercise Ball Crunch 1-3 sets; 12-15 reps.
  • Bicycle Crunches 1-3 sets; 15-20 reps. **My favorite**
  • Scissor Kicks 1-3 sets; 15-30 reps.
  • Ab Plank 1:00-2:00 minutes. “Got 3:00 minutes? Then start using my the other plan :)”
  • Leg Lifts 1-3 sets; 15-30 reps. (Not to be confused with the upright exercise) For an extra challenge, put a medicine ball between your feet.
  • Reverse Crunches 1-3 sets; 15-30 reps.
  • Ballet Twist 1-2 sets; 8-12 reps
  • Supermans (Superwomen in this case) 1-2 sets; 8-10 reps. This is a lower back exercise. It’s important to match the strength of your abs with your low back.\

Ab workouts can be performed after every session. I recommend doing them at the very end of your routine. This is how I stay in my current condition. The only day I do not do an ab workout is Sunday. They are a beastly muscle group with incredible recovery time.

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Coming posts:

Effective Routines.

Important Nutrition Tips.

That much needed motivation.

And much, MUCH MORE!

All Abs. All Truth. All Gains. What you need to know and how to get them.

Abs. Men love them. Women love them even more. Why are they so attractive? The real question is, “What isn’t attractive about them?” Regardless of your experience with abdominal workouts, developing these muscles will help you in all activities that you perform on a daily basis.abs

Here’s the real secret…NO GREAT SET OF ABS were made outside of the kitchen. Think of food like jet fuel. The kind of gasoline you put in an airplane will greatly affect the engine’s performance. This is very much the same with food and the human body. Finding a happy medium in your diet and maintaining that is essential to keeping those abs around.

I have developed and maintained my abdominal muscles through a high protein diet. On an average day I’ll consume between 250-300 grams of carbohydrates (this is the daily recommended amount), I have no wacky set number on carbs in my diet.

Three rules: Rest, Eat, and Listen. After every workout, drink a protein shake as soon as you are done. The first 15 minutes after your workout are critical for nutrient absorption. Always, always, always, ensure that you allow your body enough time to recover and build up muscle tissue between workouts. The worst thing you can do is overtrain your body. You will breakdown muscles, causing them to become smaller, and possibly develop injuries. If you want to make those gains in the gym, eat right and give your body the nutrients it demands. Listen to your body, if something hurts then lay off of it. Your body is brutally honest. If it is painful, STOP.

*Always consult your doctor prior to starting a new physical exercise regimen. Ensure you are healthy enough for exercise and discuss and past injuries*

Before starting the ab workout, do as many crunches as you can in 2:00 minutes. Record this number. By doing this before every ab workout, you will be able to measure your abdominal strength and notice the huge gains! Note: As you progress through your workouts keep a journal of your progress, # of reps, weight, and type of exercise. This way you can see if you are improving or if you need to change up your plan.

BEGINNERS start reading here. Developing the base for the abdominal muscles is perhaps the hardest hurdle for many to get over. After that jump is made, it’s all down hill. To begin building the base for your abs, you must start with the basics. This means you won’t necessarily be doing high rep sets. You must allow time for your muscles to build up the endurance and strength to perform at a higher intensity. An essential item to know is that cardio is THE ONLY WAY you are going to show off your abs. You can do crunches until the cows come home, but it won’t do you any good for getting rid of fat. If you don’t do any medium to high intensity cardio workouts, you won’t have a six pack.

This is a beginner’s sample workout for you to adjust to your own ability.

Standard Crunches 3 sets of 20; Leg Levers 2 sets of 10-15; Scissor Kicks 2 sets of 10-15; Bicycle Crunches 2 sets 10-15. Repeat this workout until failure.

At the bottom of the page I’ve posted a great routine. For your benefit I recommend cutting the rep range in half and working your way up to the higher rep range as your progress 🙂

INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED  Now that you have some base or a good set of abs built up, it’s time to really get them to shine. I cannot stress enough, the importance of cardio in your workout. Whether it’s biking, swimming, or running, you must have some form of cardio in your workout. Do this at medium to high intensity at a minimum of 3 times per week. Cardio, combined with the proper diet, will will burn off those unwanted layers of subcutaneous fat on top of your abs. Adjust the amount of cardio and its intensity based upon your goal (muscle gain or getting definition).  Unlike other muscle groups, the abdominal muscles can be worked every day. They require little recovery time. The only day I don’t perform an abdominal workout is on sunday.

Below are 5 various abdominal workouts, all of which will yield excellent results. I picked these up while training to be an officer in the Marine Corps. I recommend doing all five workouts every week at the very end of your exercise sessions (This means monday you would do Abs (1), Tues Abs (2),…Fri Abs(5). Adjust this to your workout schedule and mix up the order as you like.

By clicking on the workout, it will be enlarged for printing purposes.